Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars Pegs...crafting for boys

I've been steampunking nerf guns and making these...

and that's about it since we've moved!

When my mother-in-law came to visit, she said, "These are the kinds of crafts you do when you have boys."  And she was right.  I have guns to show you tomorrow.

Here they are on my Star Wars pillowcase (*which I sewed).  Aren't Han and Chewy handsome? (Chewy is hiding behind Boba Fett)  Obi-Wan is my favorite.  In fact, I've been informed our next dog/baby is to be named Obi.  Or Jango.  Once the kids outnumber the adults, they start thinking they get a say in things like this.  Before I know it, we'll be eating mac 'n cheese and ice cream for dinner every night.

The entire lineup.  Minus Leia's hair buns.  I may or may not get around to them.  Boys don't really notice that kind of thing.
Darth and Luke in his celebration clothes--requested from my boys, specifically.  On a Star Wars blanket, (*which I sewed).  Requested by my husband.

I used filth wizardry as my inspiration--Lindsey is amazing!  My kids love them.  Actually, they played with them several times before I sealed them (making me touch them up again, and again).  Lovely children.

It's so gratifying to make something you or kids enjoy.  I think I forgot.  I should remember soon though, it's time to start making Christmas pajamas.  And praying for snow.  How do people have Christmas without snow?  Missouri, get with the program.  It's December.  Merry Christmas to you all!

**  I hope you noticed that I did sew something in my post.


  1. Awesome. I know some grown up "boys" that would probably like to play with those.

  2. They're adorable! I'm not actually 100% sure my kids have ever watched the original Star Wards movies... which is a tragedy and a major parenting lapse on our part.

    I've endured exactly one brown Christmas up here. It sucked (although we did play Volley Ball in the yard on Boxing Day, which was definitely different.)

  3. Those are pretty awesome. I want some, and I'm a girl!

    You could always just paint a lighter colored spiral on the sides of Princess Leia's head and say they're the buns...

  4. I just had to comment, seeing the title of your post on someone else's blogroll know how it is, spot of surfing of an evening. So, I just had to marvel - I am from a Star Wars freaky family too but had never thought of anything like this ... I was thinking Star Wars Snow Globes. These are genius!! I love them all & will go to bed thinking about how you have inspired me. Thank you!

  5. Amber they look awesome! Can't wait to see the nerf guns too.

  6. Oh my Amber, those are so fun! I love them.

  7. My boys would LOVE these! What a great idea.

    And congratulations on your move - I don't know how I missed your post on it. Are you feeling settled in yet?

  8. Excellent! Great job on all those fiddly details. I tried to make a storm trooper birthday cake once and ended up with something that looked more like Happy Feet, so I can truly appreciate all that detail.

  9. Wow, hope my son doesn't see this... I couldn't draw or paint small details to save my life! Great job .. and you are right, boy's won't notice the hair missing!