Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exactly what I want...

Do you know what I want?  No?  I should tell you.  I saw these in a magazine and I have to have them.  But, not exactly (of course, not exactly...sigh).  I'm thinking a two-toned option.

They are found here (J Brand Houlihan Cargo Skinny Pants).  With a $231 price tag.  Not my kind of price tag.

So off to my pattern stash...which yields wide leg pants, vintage pants which zip in the back (yuck), and stretch flare pants.  Not going to happen.

So, I perused the Big 4 pattern options.  Not much there either.  So, off to Burdastyle where I was thrilled to find the Ellen.   And for FREE!

 Given, it is not exactly what I want (of course), but I am going to ruthlessly alter the pattern until it turns into something like the above.  (Not unlike what I did for the Fluttering Pencil Skirt)  While I didn't take notes,  etc. for the skirt, I will for these pants.  That is what a blog is for, no?

So, look forward to posts about that--I'm off to work!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterick 5559-Maggy London

So, best dress ever!  Well, maybe not quite, but it is fantastic-and super comfy to wear.  Without further ado:

I know, I actually look like I have curves instead of being the rectangle we all know I am.  I added about 1.5 inches to the hem when I cut it out, but still had to add a 1 inch band at the bottom to make it a length I like.
I have decided to detail the money and hours spent on my sewing addiction so we all know how worthwhile and beneficial my choice of hobbies is.

Butterick 5559 pattern:                                   $1.99
1.5 yards unknown fiber content @ 2/yd       $3.00
gray interfacing                                              $1.00*

Grand Total for Maggy London Dress selling this year at Nordstrom for $94........

(*Note to self--first project will absorb price of pattern-any subsequent projects from same pattern are free, also interfacing, thread, etc. will be absorbed into first project if bought specifically for it)

Not bad, I know.  Now, on to the hours spent (keeping in mind I have 3 small children who love to keep me busy and "help")

Cutting                     1
Basting (darts and tucks)   1
Darts                        1
Tucks                       1.5
Construction              .5
Admiring                  1
(yes, at my house this is a real step, I wear it around, look in all the mirrors from every angle with a critical eye, decide if it needs tweaking and which shoes look the best--don't you?)
Fitting, facing, hemming, adding lenth, reinforcement stitching  2 hours

Total time spent --8 hours

The basting-not very pretty, but very necessary as the tucks are curved!

Some detail shots.  I know that the tucks are supposed to line up exactly and I have all lined up on the outside, and I'm close on the inside.  Be exact when you baste!  It's still wearable at my house.:)
I hope you can see some details.  Apparently I did my best kickboxing arms...

That's not saying much--is it?
I am making this dress again.  Eventually.  Maybe next fall.  Maybe in red?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Self Drafted Fluttering Pencil Skirt

I did it!  I'm proud to show you the first self drafted skirt I have ever made....

I gathered the right side to look like the Anthropologie skirt, I maybe wouldn't do that again.  I love the fit and the length.  The ruffle is 6.5 inches wide, top-stitched and sandwiched into a seam over the left leg.  Four vintage buttons gifted to me by my Grandma, and the fabric was a gift from Aunt Mary.

And a close up of the buttons.  I topstitched every seam--you can tell if you squint and make believe;)
I also shaped the hem higher a little at the sides to give a more rounded illusion.  I sewed the lining right to the hem, not worrying about the stitching as you can barely see it.

And one more.  


**Edited to add
Pattern--self drafted!
Vintage buttons--gift from Grandma H
Gray wool--gift from Aunt Mary via Grandma H
Invisible Zip $2
Lining--leftover and scrapped

Total:   $2 !!
The original Anthropologie skirt (inspiration)  retailed $128 (I think?)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bangs, and the return of the Fishy Marie

I cut myself some bangs two days ago.  I don't recall having bangs since I was 10.  We'll see how it goes.
These are my new boots (yea!) My Marie made with fish embroidered linen, my necklace made with this tutorial from Mandipidy and my brand new bangs.  I think I might need more--what do you think?
 I drafted a pocket for it-which I don't recommend with this type of fabric or shape of skirt because it pokes out and wrinkles like crazy.  Live and learn I guess.  Plus I put it too low on the skirt.  Oh well, it didn't stop me from wearing it to church!

My Anthro pencil skirt is almost finished!  Pictures tomorrow.

Trapper Hat

I've been wanting a fur lined hat for a couple years.  You've seen them, they are everywhere.  So, the last time JoAnns had a sale on fur I found the softest fur (and yes--it's a cow print) and bought a quarter yard.
I based my pattern off of a hat my brother passed down to my oldest kid and it turned out huge perfect for wearing over cute hair.  Here are the pictures:
I interfaced the hat portion, but not the front flap--next time I definitely will.

The hat is made from one long rectangle (top middle) flanked by half ovals on either side.  Then I eyeballed the ear flaps and front.  I did take two darts out of the front rectangle--you can see them in the bottom picture.  The ties are made by braided yarn.
I quilted the lining to some red flannel.  It's beautiful.
Topstitched everything even over the fur--it took pretty well--better than I expected.

Obligatory picture of me wearing hat.  All in all I love this hat but I won't make one again.  Unless it is for my boys.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lurking, and New Year Resolutions

I started sewing about 5 years ago.  Well, I started hoarding fabric then and sewing occasionally.  In the past 2 years I have become a lurker.  That's right.  Someone who enjoys clicking around sewing blogs, watching others progress, loving the results and inspiration, but never leaving comments.  Never telling talented seamstresses how amazing they are and what I've learned from their work.  No more.  New Years Resolution number one:  Be friendly to the sewing community.  It's about time:)  Anyway enough with the stalker-ish lurking talk and on to exciting plans for 2011.

  • The jacket in the previous post that HAD to be documented
  • a pajama set for me
  • Grey business pants 
  • A lovely warm winter coat
  • More hoodies for the children
  • Fluttering Anthro skirt knockoff (pictured above)--and drafted by ME!
  • A pair of jeans
  • a boyfriend jacket
  • Take part in Self Stitched September
  • A bag/purse.  One I really like.  One customized and awesome.
So far so good, I think.  And I'll be documenting a bunch of clothes I have already made in the last couple years.  My wardrobe is about 60% home-made.  I'm excited.  Hope this goes well:)

The Dr. Watson Jacket

Have any of you seen the BBC Sherlock?  If you haven't-you should.  It's amazing, especially for someone who has geekish tendencies and loves vocabulary.  But--check out this jacket (on Martin Freeman)

More research tells us this jacket is Haversack and retails for $1170.  Yeah.  A little rich for my blood.  However, definitely worth another look since it almost ruined the last episode for me because I was so preoccupied.

Shall we have another look?

Mmmm, yes. Corduroy collar, right shoulder leather, leather reinforced elbows.  I have to make this jacket.  (Hopefully my husband will wear it right?)

In looking for patterns this is the only one I found was KwikSew3123

It is very basic however, so I may save myself the money and just draft the pattern myself.  And let's not kid.  This jacket won't be ready until at least the fall.