Monday, January 24, 2011

Butterick 5559-Maggy London

So, best dress ever!  Well, maybe not quite, but it is fantastic-and super comfy to wear.  Without further ado:

I know, I actually look like I have curves instead of being the rectangle we all know I am.  I added about 1.5 inches to the hem when I cut it out, but still had to add a 1 inch band at the bottom to make it a length I like.
I have decided to detail the money and hours spent on my sewing addiction so we all know how worthwhile and beneficial my choice of hobbies is.

Butterick 5559 pattern:                                   $1.99
1.5 yards unknown fiber content @ 2/yd       $3.00
gray interfacing                                              $1.00*

Grand Total for Maggy London Dress selling this year at Nordstrom for $94........

(*Note to self--first project will absorb price of pattern-any subsequent projects from same pattern are free, also interfacing, thread, etc. will be absorbed into first project if bought specifically for it)

Not bad, I know.  Now, on to the hours spent (keeping in mind I have 3 small children who love to keep me busy and "help")

Cutting                     1
Basting (darts and tucks)   1
Darts                        1
Tucks                       1.5
Construction              .5
Admiring                  1
(yes, at my house this is a real step, I wear it around, look in all the mirrors from every angle with a critical eye, decide if it needs tweaking and which shoes look the best--don't you?)
Fitting, facing, hemming, adding lenth, reinforcement stitching  2 hours

Total time spent --8 hours

The basting-not very pretty, but very necessary as the tucks are curved!

Some detail shots.  I know that the tucks are supposed to line up exactly and I have all lined up on the outside, and I'm close on the inside.  Be exact when you baste!  It's still wearable at my house.:)
I hope you can see some details.  Apparently I did my best kickboxing arms...

That's not saying much--is it?
I am making this dress again.  Eventually.  Maybe next fall.  Maybe in red?



  1. I love this dress! I have the pattern but haven't made it yet. The fabric I'm considering is a little thin...what's yours like?

  2. LOVE this dress! You are simply amazing! And love the pencil swirvy skirt---I am in awe! How do you do it with your 3 little boys---it would take me months to finish with my 1 child. You are simply amazing. You inspire me to be more fashionable :)

  3. Mine is a little thin, but not jersey thin. There is still a roughness to it that hides some flaws-thank heavens. :) It's definitely not a thick knit. Good luck with your dress-I'm sure it will be fantastic!

  4. Hi Amber! Gorgeous dress, shows off your figure very nicely! You have just been added to my "blogs of inspiration" to follow!

  5. Wow Amber you are so talented!!! I never knew this sewing side of you! =) The dress looks fabulous on and off of you!! I'm excited to see more!!

  6. I'm in awe of how much you *didn't* spend on this dress. $5.99 for such a super dress - that's fantastic! :D

  7. I love it in heather! Each review makes me want this dress more since it seems to look great on a variety of body types, an undeniable quality in a pattern...

  8. Beautiful! Shows off your shape quite nicely.

  9. This turned out great I like how you broke it down