Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trapper Hat

I've been wanting a fur lined hat for a couple years.  You've seen them, they are everywhere.  So, the last time JoAnns had a sale on fur I found the softest fur (and yes--it's a cow print) and bought a quarter yard.
I based my pattern off of a hat my brother passed down to my oldest kid and it turned out huge perfect for wearing over cute hair.  Here are the pictures:
I interfaced the hat portion, but not the front flap--next time I definitely will.

The hat is made from one long rectangle (top middle) flanked by half ovals on either side.  Then I eyeballed the ear flaps and front.  I did take two darts out of the front rectangle--you can see them in the bottom picture.  The ties are made by braided yarn.
I quilted the lining to some red flannel.  It's beautiful.
Topstitched everything even over the fur--it took pretty well--better than I expected.

Obligatory picture of me wearing hat.  All in all I love this hat but I won't make one again.  Unless it is for my boys.


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