Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dr. Watson Jacket

Have any of you seen the BBC Sherlock?  If you haven't-you should.  It's amazing, especially for someone who has geekish tendencies and loves vocabulary.  But--check out this jacket (on Martin Freeman)

More research tells us this jacket is Haversack and retails for $1170.  Yeah.  A little rich for my blood.  However, definitely worth another look since it almost ruined the last episode for me because I was so preoccupied.

Shall we have another look?

Mmmm, yes. Corduroy collar, right shoulder leather, leather reinforced elbows.  I have to make this jacket.  (Hopefully my husband will wear it right?)

In looking for patterns this is the only one I found was KwikSew3123

It is very basic however, so I may save myself the money and just draft the pattern myself.  And let's not kid.  This jacket won't be ready until at least the fall.


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  1. Great Jacket! Check Leko's site, they have several men's jackets. Not sure what size the free download is, but it would give you a base to work with!