Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me-Made-March catch up

I had 2 days of very bad photography/lighting and couldn't bear to put them up by themselves.  

Day 10:  Me made necklace, shirt, old OOP Simplicity pattern--before keeping track of what I made.  Franzi vest--which I hate and will never ever make again.  I only ever wear it with this shirt--I don't really know how else to wear it.
Day 9:  V1224--Tracy Reese Collection--blogged here.
Day 7:  Thanksgiving skirt--used this pattern and made into a skirt.
Day 6:  V8157-Best pants ever (wrinkled at bottom because I'm barefoot and hemmed for shoes)
             Scrunchy Spring Scarf-tutorial here-I love this scarf.  It's made from some old fabric my Grandma gifted to me and then dyed pink(a smidge darker in real life).  The threads making up the pattern are cotton on one side, polyester on the other so there is the red/white difference.

About halfway through the picture on the left you can see some bright red caused by shredding of the fabric.  I did not do this while stirring my fabric with a stick I found during the dyeing process.  Definitely not.

In other news, I bribed an old friend to come over to my house to write a tutorial for my shades to grey skirt.  And we're almost done!  


  1. Those pants look great on you. Love the scarf too. Such a fabulous colour. Who needs lipstick with a scarf like this!

  2. the vest is my favorite even though you hate it. I'll have to consult you before i start mine.

  3. Hmmm.The link for the scarf tutorial isn't working...I've been scrunching up some pink fabric, to make a scarf, or whatever it happens to turn into. I guess I should just google, "scrunchy scarf pattern." and see what happens.

  4. Thanks Karen, I fixed the link:) Let me know if you have any questions:)