Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me-Made-March is going on here!!

I feel much better today.  It probably has nothing to do with the fact I broke down and told my husband that I just can't work on his pants right this second.  Probably.  Anyway on to exciting pictures...

March 1:
The day of the sick pants 
(as dubbed by my husband)
Cynthia Rowley muslin (Simpicity 3835)
linen pants

I didn't feel good yesterday.  And my camera was charging from my trip, so please use your imagination and I won't let this happen again.  (I may or may not be talking about how much ice cream I consumed yesterday).

March 2:

The teenage look--
Shades of Grey skirt
purchased top
made earrings

I can't help it-I love this skirt!  I made it last summer piecing together some repurposed decorated linen/cotton (black), my husband's old dress shirt with gathers (grey), and a white cotton miniskirt I used to wear to beach-like activities.  The top is a band of black spandex (no zipper required!)  so I can wear it down on my hips or conceivably up at my waist (which I would never, ever do).

I think this summer I'll do another in shades of red.  I love red and pink together.  Or maybe blues.  Or a faded orange skirt I can see myself wearing all summer long.  What colors would look best?


  1. That skirt is really adorable. If I had any sewing skills whatsoever, I'd try to make one of my own. Absolutely love it.