Friday, April 22, 2011

Sewing during real life looks like:

I actually have been sewing.  When my husband goes out of town I usually do my best work.  (Sorry babe, but it's true).

Anyway, this past week has been kind of a disaster.  Firstly, the second my husband left--this happened:

Somehow the laundry detergent started creeping out of the container, infecting my clean pile of laundry.

(Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't leave clean laundry in the laundry room)

Megatron busted open my couch, well both of them if we're being honest.  Too bad I hate mending and/or sewing decor.

The children expressed themselves with Sharpie in my minivan. 

(Recently, my husband started following my blog (he's the follower with Calvin and the Red Sox) and he hasn't heard about this one--hopefully he won't check tonight)

Babe, if you are seeing this, I'm totally sure that whoever decides to buy our vehicle won't care.  Totally sure.

The "I" was found missing and I had to take down the rest of the letters so my child would "stop seeing the gone one"

And of course, the expired coupons found their way into my purse.  Boo.

For whatever reason--all these things involved crying.  (Not ALWAYS by me--sheesh)

Not to mention the fact that my 5 year old suddenly cannot go to preschool without crying for an hour, trying to get into school for the summer semester, a more time-intensive church responsibility, and the fact that my children think I can't sleep the entire night ALONE in my own bed.  

On the good side--nothing is really "wrong", I have a clean house (why can I only clean when my husband is gone?), and I got a bunch of sewing cut out!  Yea!

But I have a problem...

So, I had to underline this dress (red on red, if you were wondering).  And the darts mostly worked out.  Mostly.

Now, my ironing skills have improved a great deal, so please don't tell me to press it.  It's the fact that there are 2 layers above the dart and 6 below.  The bust darts are the only noticeable problem.  

My question is...
Would it be advisable to stitch a very small line just under the dart to keep the puffyness down?  
(In a perfectly matching thread color)

And if not--then what?


  1. Stuffs happen, kids will always be kid what can we I guess you can still sew under the darts, infact i have seen some ready to wear done that way before.

  2. oh man! good luck haha! i think my brain would have exploded by the first day. i admire your strength and ability to laugh at it.

  3. It almost looks like you took your photos from my life (: Happily, the fact that you're noting the crazy week means that life isn't always like this. I often have to tell myself to just keep movin' on to the next thing. Or to lower my standards (although they might be dangerously low now, ha!).

    And about the darts: I have definitely seen darts topstitched, so that wouldn't look unusual.

  4. Oh Amber- you are a trooper! Gotta love having young boys!!

  5. Ok, I thought my week was bad! I would say you could top stitch the dart.

  6. You can also trim and press open the dart for less bulk. Gertie, I think, had some discussion of pressing the darts up rather than down, as the "shadow" from the stitch line is a little less visible that way.

    As to single parenting (however temporary) you have my condolences.

  7. Amber, you are hilarious and I LOVE you! I love this post, a day in the realistic! And that darn megatron...he should know not to bust open the couches! Gotta love little boys! Great work, always love to see what you are working on :)