Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter to me...happy Easter to me...

This almost did not turn out.

In fact, yesterday, as I was putting most of it together I kept thinking in my head, "Amber, there is a reason that most people make things in a plain color.  Because it always works out.  It always looks great.  Why, just once could you not try something in a plain color..."

**A note about the fabric: it is black/white pinstripes of varying widths, so doesn't photograph well.
Seams, etc are straight and pressed, but it's hard to tell:)

 This went on for some time.

Happily though, it all worked out!  To my liking anyway:)

This is Simplicity 2554, View F, with alterations.

I bought this 100% rayon (that really doesn't feel like 100% rayon) at Hancock Fabric a couple weeks ago.  $1 a yard.  Of course I didn't buy an obscene amount of fabric.  A perfectly manageable amount, in case you were wondering.  (By the way, which side does 15 yards of fabric fall on--out of curiosity?)

I cut a size 8, added 2 inches to the length.  (My measurements are a 12-14 mix)  I also added some shirring to the back panel to give some waist definition--looking back I wish I had done a little more.

I also added cap sleeves.

I first just cut 4 of the sleeve facing, thinking that would give me enough coverage if I just flipped it out, but no luck.  So I added this piece:

11" by 3" at the widest portion

it ends up looking like another layer of ruffles!

without jewelry/hair in the way

This skirt is a "gift" from my Mom.  (stolen)  But she's off on a LDS Humanitarian mission aboard the USNS Comfort.  So she doesn't need it anyway.  Thanks, Mom.

Also, I needed some jewelry, so I went to JoAnn and bought

For $5. And added a bracelet my Mom gave me (thanks, Mom).  And made:

Cost analysis:

pattern:  $.99
fabric:  $3  (only used just over one yard, but I include the initial purchase into the first project)
thread:  stash
elastic thread:  stash 

grand total:  $3.99

Happy Easter to you all!

Thanks for your comments on my last post--you guys are awesome!  I'll be topstitching the bust dart on the dress, and I can't wait to show it off!


  1. all very cute! love the cap sleeve addition.

  2. Fabulous top! I love interesting tops and I think that is what is missing from my wardrobe. I love this one.