Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seeing Red...

M3541, made previously with some obvious modifications.

Firstly, I figured out what is bothering me about this pattern.  I need to make a broad shoulder/back adjustment.  (It's amazing how much a few more months of sewing experience makes a difference).  

Unfortunately, I didn't know this when I made the pattern so I had to make some modifications.

I added triangular inserts into the sleeves, a little puckering, but not too much.  It ends up being a flutter sleeve effect. (I originally made it with 3/4 length sleeves, which was darling, by the way)


I didn't put any darts into the shirt, back or front so as not to ruin the polka-dot Minnie Mouse effect.  (Heaven forbid)

So, I overlapped the front.  The button is all that is holding this shirt together (and a hidden snap up top).
 The ties could be tied--but trust me--it doesn't look good.

Oh, right, I added the ties--duh.  Which eliminated the need for a collar-woo hoo!  I like it open and I faced it with the polka dot material as well.

In other news, my cute sister came down from Alaska and I made her make her own shirt a shirt from my tutorial.

Don't you love how it looks with the thinner fabric and cutest sleeves ever!
And my sister was here!

Have a great rest of the weekend! 
And Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Your "Minnie Mouse" top is quite cute! :]

  2. Cute, cute tops! I love the red with polka dots and the sleeves are fun.