Thursday, June 16, 2011

Party Dress!

I can't really decide if it says little girl party dress or "some past decade" print.   Any thoughts?

So, I know everyone has made this dress, but now I know why.  It's a dream to sew up.  This time, because the fabric was so sheer, I made a whole separate dress as a slip.  (I'm reforming my easy corner cutting ways.  Or just taking a break...)  I should note that what looks good at 10pm in the basement under one lonely light, does not look good in natural light during the day.  It looks grey.  Dirty grey. Blech.

So, I'm wearing it sheer with a half slip and it works!!!  Woo-hoo!  It just became my hot summer sun go-to dress.

Simplicity 2630
[After this picture I went and checked the hem--it's straight.  Apparently the problem is with my body/posture/leg placement.  Nothing new:)]

Here's the breakdown:

Fabric:  from stash longer than 5 years ago, I'll guess I spent $7.50
Thread:  stash
Pattern: $0.99

Total:  $8.50

Time spent (discounting the entire under-dress): 

2 hours, from cut out to wearing, including sewing and serging all seams.

Items to note:

I performed a rolled hem with my serger on the hem, sleeves, and flounces.  

I cut the front and back flounce out as one, which worked well.

I added 1.5 inches to the hemline.

I did not include any facings.  I serged the neckline and turned to stitch.  

I cut out size 12.

I bet you are wondering what this is...

It's my new swimsuit!!!  I still haven't settled on a pattern, but Hancock Fabric put their swimwear fabric on sale for 50% off today, and I've been eyeing this fabric for weeks!!!  So I ran down and bought some!  (Enough exclamations?  Okay.  I understand.)

It's next to the beautiful flowers my husband brought me this week.  Aww.  


  1. Super cute! I love the print and the sleeve/flounces are so fun!

  2. Your dress if fantastic! I don't think "little girl party dress" at all. I think it looks fun and summery. :]

  3. I like this cheerful and chic dress on you! It is demure and distinctively trendy, but showcases your fab looking legs!

  4. I agree with Rebecca - summery and floaty indeed. Best luck with the swimsuit!

  5. Looks great - I love the fabric. I roll hemmed my flounces too, way to fiddly to hem them as outlined in the instructions.

  6. That is a great summer dress. I love the print. And I'm excited about your swimsuit!

  7. What a lovely dress! I adore the print.

  8. I must be one of the few that hasn't made Simplicity 2630... but this definitely looks like a lovely, fun dress!

  9. How beautiful! It looks vintage to me, not little girly at all. Love the sheer flounces :)

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