Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimsuit Coverup

This started out as a maxi dress that I would actually wear.  The drop (shirred) waist was originally supposed to be an empire waist.

Somewhere along the way, it turned into the best swimsuit coverup/lay around the house dress ever.
I sewed up the front for more sun coverage and to help keep the "sleeves" over my shoulders.

It's a rayon blend, so very soft and breathable.  It covers my shoulders and legs for when I'm out in the sun but done being out in the sun.  (I'm pretty sure this situation will be happening more and more since my baby is 2 and into all the same trouble his brothers are. Also, I'm pretty sure my husband hasn't realized it's going to help me keep the killer farmer's tan I already have started.)

The nice breezes float right through it.

The sleeves are open clear down to the shirred waist.
Fabric:  2 1/2 yards (with leftovers) $5 at Hancock Fabric
Elastic Thread:  stash
Thread:  stash
No pattern

Time spent:  2 hours--ish.  It's just 3 rectangles sewn together haphazardly and hemmed.  And shirred:)

Total $5.50 (we'll include some thread pricing)

I will definitely be getting my money's worth out of this garment this summer.  I've already worn it twice and loved it!  It's perfect by the pool.

Now, I bought a swimsuit last summer, but I'm kind of itching to make one.  Any thoughts?  Is it easier or harder than it seems?

Would it help if I told you I wanted it to look like this?

anthropologie $148

or maybe this?

Shabby Apple Pietra

Although, you should take into consideration I never look like that when I'm swimming/at the beach.  

This might be more accurate: 

I'm just saying:)


  1. yay! more rectangles!

    If that's what you look like at the beach, you are totally adorable!

    Both swimsuits are great, especially the anthropologie one. I've made lots of swimsuits and no, they're not that hard. But then, I've never actually made one for myself - shaping and support is probably the trickier part, which I don't need to do in kids' suits, obviously. Maybe this summer.

  2. I like making swimsuits.

    Kwiksew patterns are a good place to start, as their instructions are really good.

    Getting the hang of putting in elastic can be tricky, with lots of different methods and advice out there. Just practice that before you start on the real thing, to find out which method works best for you and your machine.

    Great cover-up. I need one just like that!

  3. Great cover-up. Very chic with the sunnies. I LOVE your taste in swimmers

  4. I think the Allison bathing suit on Burdastyle is similar to that, although I hear the instructions are terrible. I haven't had the guts to try and make one myself yet, though!

    Glad you're enjoying your new maxi :D

  5. Erm, ok, on checking out the pattern (rather than blabbing my mouth off) it has gathered cups but not the full-body ruching. My bad. It probably wouldn't be too hard to add a ruched panel to an existing pattern, though...

  6. Lol, I love the wet kitty picture! I'm sure you look better than that, though I sympathize with feeling that way. Both suits are great, I love the Anthro one! I rarely wear a swimsuit or would consider knocking it off.