Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Look 6013 Lady in Red Dress

The weather was calm 15 seconds before I took this picture Sunday morning.  It has not stopped drizzling since.  Of course:)

This is some of the stash I got at Hancock Fabric for $1/yard.  It is a sheer red lace-esque material (I'm sure there is a name for it) underlined with a red crepe.

I'm sure that I could have figured out how to use the underlining to finish/face all the edges (sleeves, hem and neckline).  Sometimes, after wrestling kids all day, it just takes a little too much brain power.  So I didn't.
The dress calls for a slit in the back which I didn't include due to modesty issues.  I cut out the pattern as shown and sewed it together.  If I hadn't had a double thickness the crease would have held better.

 There was a little gapping at the back neck, if you can tell from this picture, which will be remedied when I make this again.  

I wore this to church on Sunday, but felt a little inconspicious.  The shine is just a bit too much for everyday (or even every Sunday) wear.

Notes about the pattern:
  • lengthened by 2 inches and could barely do a teeny hem to make it to my knees
  • the raglan sleeves are 2 pieces and I took about an inch out of the top hem
  • I had to take in the bust tapering up to an inch just above the bustline
  • a little gappy at the back neck?  Not sure why
  • I topstitched the bust dart down, thank you all for your help.  

Notes on fit:  I cut a straight 12 (and still made the above alterations) even though my measurements call for 14 bust, 16 waist, 12 hips.  Just so you know.

I love, love the raglan sleeves on this dress.  I have been looking for a simple, easy dress with cap sleeves and this one is perfect.  I see all kinds of alterations in the future.

Cost Analysis:
pattern:  $4
lace overlay:  $3
Red underlining:  $1.50
zipper:  $1.50
thread and interfacing:  stash

Total:  $10

If you want a simple dress that will go together quickly, I recommend this one.  There are 6 pattern pieces (front, back, sleeve front, sleeve back, and neck facing). 

I hope you are all having a better May than we are.  We've had one nice spring day so far.  One.  Come on.  I have 3 boys that desperately need to go outside.  But my husband planted the garden on Saturday--Yea!  (I have been banned since I decided that tomatoes were more important than grass)

In other news, my mom is almost home from her LDS Humanitarian mission aboard the USNS Comfort!

We're so proud of you Mom.  Love you, and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. What a beautiful dress, I love that vibrant shade of red, the fabric is gorgeous! You did a great job!

  2. I also LOVE that dress, fits you well :) And would make a perfect holiday dress. And yay for your garden planted, I am jealous!!!

  3. Great dress. I will be picking up this pattern when it goes on sale next week for $1.99