Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Ellen Houlihan Hybrid

 Drum Roll please.....

Oh yes, Oh yes, they are Done!!!

Detail Shots:
Topstitching on all seams

Back Pocket Flaps--just for show

Fly front, shallow front pockets

Side cargo pocket above chevron knee

7" exposed zipper (4 1/2 inches to knee--next time I will use 9" zipper)

I so, so love these!  I can't wait to make more.  This was definitely a labor intensive project, so I'll be doing some quick easy projects before I tackle these again.

Do you want to see the top half of this picture?

Thanks to my mother for her fantastic photography!

Style Notes:  I used 7" zippers for the leg openings, next time I will use  9" zippers.

For more style notes and to see my process of turning the Ellen into the J Brand Knockoffs:

                    Part 2--Pockets and Assembly

To make your own: 

You need fabric (obviously), contrasting thread (miles of it), 1 7" zipper, 1 button, 2 9"zippers, interfacing for waistband and belt loops, Ellen pattern (or any other pants pattern you own)

Cost Comparison:

Zippers (3)--$3.00
Fabric (thrifted)--$4.00
Button--vintage--gift from Grandma

Total:  $8.00

JBrand Cost Comparison:  (definitely not identical but inspired by)  $231

Savings:  $223

***To make them more like the JBrand pants, use a stretch twill, matching thread, and make it all the same color and material.

Now, I'm off to read the Sherlock Holmes set my husband gave me for my birthday!


Enjoy making yours and let me know-- I'd love to see them!

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