Monday, February 7, 2011

Scrunchy Spring Scarf Tutorial

I love using unexpected fabrics for scarves because they are so much fun!  This is a boucle I found at JoAnns in the clearance bin.  This scarf will work for any medium to thin fabric that can withstand heat.

You'll need:

90"x 11" fabric (you can piece this together)
matching thread
elastic thread and a bobbin
iron or dryer

1. Cut fabric 90" x 11"

I had to serge my sides because boucle unravels like CRAZY!
2.  Sew both 90" sides into a narrow hem 
Fold over edges twice and iron or finger press and stitch.  

3.  Wind elastic thread on bobbin.  Don't be scared!  Just poke it through the little hole to begin and wind it around fairly tightly.  If the thread twists around itself, this is normal. (If you are me, it is also normal if you drop it a few times--oops!)

You'll end up with this:

Clip off the beginning strand you used to start the winding so it doesn't get caught in your machine and thread like normal.

4.  Mark your scarf into thirds.  I marked 3 1/4" in from each side and made a mark.  

5.  Set your machine to the longest stitch and lower the tension.  (My settings were stitch length 4 and tension 2).  Using a straight stitch, stitch 90" down along markings.  Do not backstitch at the top or bottom.  Repeat for other marking so you have 2 lines of stitching that go the length of the scarf.

This is the elastic thread on the underside of your scarf.

6.  Tie off thread ends like so... and clip.

7.  Turn over short ends into narrow hem like you did for the sides.  Your scarf will look like this.  

Impressive, right?  No?  We aren't done.

8.  Spritz with water and iron on cotton setting or hotter, depending on your fabric.  It helps to iron on the underside. This is when the magic happens:

Continue ironing until done or spritz with water and throw into a dryer on hottest setting.  Both will work and you will end up with this lovely!

Happy Spring!


  1. Great job! I love it. I tried making a ruffle scarf before the holidays but I couldn't get it to work and I was on a deadline. I will have to give it a try again. Your tutorial is super easy to follow.

  2. That turned out so well!! I want to try it now! I love pretty spring scarves!

  3. just featured this on my blog-- with other wonderful scarf tutorials! thanks for sharing it.