Friday, February 18, 2011

Tracy Reese--Vogue 1224

I don't know if I am just slow to catch on or what, but jersey knit dresses are the way to go!  So comfy, so easy to wear--I'm in love with this Tracy Reese design for Vogue.

This one is not quite as cost effective as my Maggy London, but it's not bad at all.  Here we go:

Vogue pattern 1224:  $3.99 (on sale at Joanns)
Fabric :  $11.94
Elastic:  $1.25

Grand Total:  $17.18

I bought much more elastic than needed, and more fabric than needed, but used interfacing and thread that I had on hand.  Which means I can make a shirt for summer out of this fabric for free!

This dress was also super fast to put together.

Cutting fabric:  .5
Assembling: 1.5
Adding extra fabric which I then had to take off the bottom:  .5
Finishing:  .5 (including deciding on the shoes.  I really think I need some awesome wedge sandals to carry these colors through the summer)

Total:  3 hours--while watching The Social Network, which I don't really recommend.  But, like facebook, it's addicting.

Anyway, notes on this pattern:

  • Very wide neckline--next time I may bring it up in front a bit--in juggling kids and whatnot the neckline was all over the place and exposing.
  • I topstitched under the arm double the length marked on the pattern.  This didn't restrict movement or the sleeve shape at all--just made the armhole a bit more modest--like 2 inches more modest.
Sorry for the weird picture--I had to manipulate it so you could see.  The stitched line up the middle should have ended where the bulge on the black is--instead I extended it up further.  The stitching on the right is for the armhole.

  • I love love love the sleeves and double topstitched hem which I did right at the edge!
  • I lengthened the skirt by 5 inches, made the top, still thought it would be too short so cut double the casings (instead of just one for inside, one for outside too)  added the casings as a band and had to cut off 2 1/2 inches.  Awesome.  Anyway--this made it knee length on me.
  • I omitted the lining of the skirt and the toggles.
  • Even with the added casing, the waistline was too high.
  • My size is technically 12 with vogue (14 at waist)  I cut an 8 (12 at waist)
  • Next time:  Add 2 inches to top, 2 inches to bottom.  Raise neckline just a little.  

The back on my dress seems to be a little deeper than the pattern picture shows--but look how pretty the sleeves are!!

A couple more pictures:

Same topstitching extension and sleeve hem.  And random unattached thumb.

This shows the lower neckline better than the first picture--one wrong grab by my sons and it's a minor wardrobe malfunction!



  1. Vibrantly gorgeous dress! You look stunning!

  2. From here, the proportions look perfect. I'd make sure you want to alter them - after wearing it for a little longer - cuz it looks great as is.

  3. I agree with K.Line. Looks great from the photos, although I sometimes like to alter my knits after the fact, too....and yes - knits are the way to go. lol

  4. Hey great dress. Looks so comfy and ironing-free. LOve the sleeves

  5. Thanks for the sleeve fix idea. I'm getting ready to make this and was worried about there being too much exposed under the arm. Yours looks great, btw!