Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Impromptu Craziness

My husband has been stressed.  So much so that he wants to get away.  On a trip.  Right now.  Me--I'm more of a planner, and anticipater, get the most for our money kind of gal. Plus I hate the car. So when my husband kept wanting to leave in February--I was resistant.

Then, suddenly last Monday he did it.  He bought tickets to Disneyland, a hotel in Las Vegas, and we left. Seriously, from the time he completed his transactions online to the time we stopped at the grocery store for road trip snacks was about 90 minutes.  (Mothers out there read:  dirty house, undone laundry, forgotten makeup)

And it was great!

We got away from a foot and a half of snow and overloaded on Vitamin D and sunshine. (Goodbye Seasonal Affective Disorder/Postpartum depression/whatever the heck I have!)

 A long time a ago in a galaxy far, far away the Evil Lord Vader duels The Young Jedi Padawon for control over the galaxy. The Young Padawon defeated Darth Vader and brought peace and tranquility to the galaxy. (unlike the little girl that bowed to Vader and was rushed off the stage)

The force is strong with this one.
And no, that is not his father. 

We went to the beach-seriously 3 days at Disneyland/California Adventure is about a day too much-unless you have older kids.

Then we drove home.  There are no pictures of this because it is something we'd all rather forget.

Anyway back to Monday, the last day of the month and I had to renew my Drivers License,  get a birth certificate to do so, Paul had to register the truck.  All things that are fantastic to take care of the last day of the month.  Plus, the aforementioned undone laundry, dirty house, and unpacking.

Then, Paul asked me to make him some pants with this pattern.  Sheesh.  There are only 17,000 pieces.  And a muslin is required.  I've worked 6 hours on this puppy already and have little to show--besides meticulous marking and cut out pieces.  I'm a selfish seamstresser to my core and this is taxing my limits.  So much so that I woke up sick.  Blegh.

So one day I may sew for myself.  Me-Made-March could be a little tricky though.  Pictures to come.


  1. That sounds like me and my hubby---he hates planning ahead, and I hate feeling stressed-out by off-the-cuff outings. (Although I have to admit, I usually end up enjoying the thing once I get over the "argh I'm not ready" factor).

    That suit pattern looks amazing, but definitely not something to jump right into! Good luck!

  2. you are hysterical. and i'd never sew those pants...

  3. That's quite the whirlwind trip. February is a good time of the year to go - it's warmer than home but not terribly hot.

  4. Oh I love seeing your cute family and your pics at the happiest place on Earth. So fun!

  5. How fun!!!! You deserve to get away. I am totally a planner too, but I am so jealous/proud of you to just go with it! I am sure it felt great to just let loose! So fun!