Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amber and the Missing Mojo--it's not pretty.

Do you ever have a sewing disappointment run?  Laws, my last 3 objects have been so frustrating!  First we have these pants:

Pinstripes never photograph well.  They are just high waisted side zip straight legged boring wonderful spring pants.  But, apparently I'm not a Simplicity size 12.  They are about 3/4 inch too small for me and 2 inches away from being comfortable.  Grrrrr.  The crotch fits okay as well as the backside so my big question for you is ---Would it be okay if I just added 1-1 1/2 inches on each outside seam?  If it will work, I'm going to chevron the inset on both sides (which is sewing 3 foot straight lines 6 times after ripping them out--BORING)  Which is why I can't make myself do this right now.

Next, we have the 3 tiered skirt:

the zipper hasn't been inserted so the right side isn't actually high

I'm writing a tutorial for this and it's turning out wonky.  Yes, wonky.  Don't get me wrong, the steps are all there-it's the execution that is suffering.  I like to sew while I'm watching movies with my husband and as it gets later and later I care less and less.  (I don't stay up past 10pm very well).  My husband says that the wonkiness is part of why I like this skirt--and he's mostly right, but the top is wonky too, right under the yoke.  Shoddy sewing, I know.  Grrr.  Not to mention the pants I scrapped sewing for my husband.  

My mojo is just GONE, you know?  What do I do?  I need an easy, no fail pattern that will give me my sewing esteem back.  Suggestions, Please, pretty please.

On another note, I am loving Me-Made-March!  Loving it!

Here's the catch up:

Day 11
Me made circle skirt out of Christmas linen (shirred waist) , me made necklace

Day 12
Butterick 5498 , me made necklace (anthro knockoff)

Day 13
Vogue 8511, Giraffe in Vogue

Day 14:
Vogue 8477, altered skinny jeans

Help me, please.


  1. I say take a break. Do something different and don't think about sewing at all, then you'll suddenly get inspired and feel like you can't get back to the machine quick enough! Always works for me.

    P.S. I LOVE the boots you paired with Giraffe in Vogue.

  2. Ugh, that sucks! Stepping away might be good. Or remake a pattern that you know kicks ass. I hate warders so badly!

    The outfits look great, however. ;)

  3. Your outfits are awesome. I'd love to see another photo of your circle skirt. I say make a quick, knit top. Not as many issue with fit when you work with something stretchy.

  4. I love the wonky skirt and day 11 and 13! I agree with lizajane, make something knit. If you have an old t-shirt that fits well but you don't really wear you could just cut the seams and use it as a pattern. You know exactly how it will fit and you can do some cool design things like ruffles or pleats.

    Good luck. I hope your sew-jo comes back!

  5. Yes, make the chevron sides! I had a friend in high school who split the sides of her jeans and stitched in neckties (more toward the bottom, of course, which added a flare). That was pretty fun.

    I feel a loss of mojo after a few meh projects, too. Sometimes it helps to clean the sewing area, or to choose something REALLY fun to sew. After all, your skills are still there. Your next project doesn't have to be doomed.

  6. so.... I got a sewing machine for my birthday :) Now I just need you to teach me what to do with it! -nikki