Wednesday, March 30, 2011

McCall's 6321...

seems to remind me of My Little Pony.  Yes, I think if they could design something for humans that would lead right back to childhood playthings this would be it.  Shimmery girly color?  Check.  (okay, this one is my fault) Intensely unflattering around the hips?  Check.  You like the idea of this in your head more than the actual realization of the idea?  Check.

I thought the cowboy boots would help, but now I see
that my pale legs are doing more damage.

You don't think its that bad?  It's the belt.  

Kind of like the pattern drawing

But without the belt...


I even tried it with a smaller belt, because a 3 inch belt may be too thick...

I don't have anything in between.  (Odd, I always thought I had more belts)

Anyway, on to the pattern review.

***Disclaimer***  I used fabric other than the recommended fabric.

I liked the idea of this dress, but I thought that the recommended fabrics would have a little too much body, adding more to my hips.  Plus, I don't wear Crepe de Chine too often. So I chose this knit I had in my stash.  It's a jersey knit, barely stable, drapes heavier than a straight jersey because it's just a little thicker.   Anyway, I cut a 8 at bust and hips, graded out to a 12 at the waist, and then had to take it in 1- 1 1/2 inches from bust to hips.  For reference, my normal size would be 12 at bust/hips, 14 at waist.

I took out the back zipper and combined back pieces, back skirt, overlay and took out the darts on the skirt (loving the knits).  I made sure to keep the measurements as true as I could.  

I added 1 inch in length.

The sleeves really are lovely and could stand a little more body.  The skirt is horrendous.  

Oh well, on to something new.  And proven.  A summer skirt with a pattern I've used before.

The good news:
I love my belt, and I'm making another tomorrow.

Have a great day!


  1. I like the color. I wonder if raising the waist would help? When I see the photo without the belt, it seems to me that the waist should be higher. But then again, this comes from the girl who's made four wadders in a row....

  2. I, too, was going to ask if the waist was in the right place (I bet your jersey stretched in length more than it should have...) (but then, this is always an adjustment I make and sometimes I see myself "projecting" my own fit issues ;) )

    I actually really like the *idea* of skirts like this, though I have to admit I haven't really tried one on myself, yet. I usually figure my hips need all the help they can get (like you, my waist pattern-size is larger than the bust/hip size).

    Would it help to cinch the belt a touch higher up?

  3. I think you both might be right. Usually I don't have a problem with the waist length. But the front does pull (as does the back) so the belt is necessary anyway. Hmm... I'll try to cinch the belt higher up.

  4. Isn't this shade of pink the color of 2011?
    Since you love the sleeves, maybe changing up the skirt would put the focus on the sleeves. Maybe a tulipy shape would be able to use some of the existing design features. I like how it crosses (folds) over in the skirt center front.

  5. I think it looks good with the skinnier belt. I think you should definitely try it again because it is really cute. Just needs another round.

  6. I have this pattern on my "To Sew" list. Please don't take this as being nasty, but you clearly chose the wrong fabric. This style is meant to be "light" and "fluid"... that's why fabrics such as silk crepe de chine were recommended. Your ITY knit is causing your version to hang "heavily". Sometimes you really need to use the recommended fabric. I hope you accept this as constructive criticism.

    I think you should give it a try in a lightweight woven as recommended.

  7. @ Erica B. Best of luck to you, I hope it works because I loved the idea. If you make a killer dress I may have to reconsider this pattern. (You usually do have killer dresses.) I look forward to seeing it. I didn't use that fabric because I wanted it to hang more heavily and less obtrusively. I generally like a more streamlined fit.

  8. I think using the recommended fabric really would have helped the drape and the overall structure of this dress. No offense, but it's kind of like reading a cooking recipe and saying "welp, instead of sugar I'm going to use salt because it's similar and should work out the same". I'm making this dress right now and using the top shown in the pattern (with the boning and the halter) really would have took some of the bulk off the hip and helped the overall look. I love this pattern and I, coincidentally, have the exact same measurements as you and the same cowboy boots from Meijer :)

  9. I found this pattern review by googling mccalls 6321... the sleeves aren't what I would have though based on the drawing on the pattern. I'm in the process of making a satin lined lace dress and was going to use these sleeves. In your opinion, could I attach the right sleeve to the left side, and the left side to the right side so that the overlap shows in the front instead of the back? Thanks!