Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MMM and Vogue 8477

Occasionally I find a pattern I Love.  This is a Love pattern.  Vogue 8477.  And it's appropriate that I share with you because I wore all three shirts I have made from this pattern in the past week.

Day 14
 Oh wow, I just realized that I must have put this one together backwards.  It's okay, I made it years ago, I'm sure I can read pattern directions now:)

Day 17--St. Patrick's Day

Day 21

These are my favorite shirts to make because they whip together in about 2 hours.  I thicken the neck facing piece by about 1 1/2 inches just to make it more modest.  Also, even though it shows the band on the bottom of the envelope, it doesn't include it in the pattern.  I put it on Day 21 because I thought it tied the whole shirt together.  I cut them all out as size 12 so you can see the difference different fabric makes.

I've been slacking a little on Me Made March--not the wearing, but the photographing.  For whatever reason, I remember in the mornings when I get dressed, but can't the rest of the day:)

2 more MMM:

Maggy London B5559

Ellen Houlihan, purchased (maternity) shirt (I'm not
pregnant, I just love this shirt) and don't tell me I shouldn't,
because I do--plus there are details you can't see--stupid black.

Anyway, I am finding that I must make myself some pajamas.  Delicious, delightful ones like these:

Such perfect fabric!  If I want to find fabric like this I'll have to hunt online--any tips?
And this super comfortable shirt to go with?
Cargo Pocket Tee
anthropologie.com $138

But not this...

Through-A-Rose-Colored Romper
anthropologie $68
It's charming and vintage and sweet with cute details.  But I couldn't wear it.  Besides, every time I look at it all I think about is getting married in June (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)  And how they could dance in those corsets is so beyond me--I mean, I wore an adjustable tie skirt to Thanksgiving.  But really, best musical ever, and I'm off to sew little boy boxer briefs, because we can't find dinosaur ones at the store.  (Oh brother, because that leads to aliens and star wars and bicycles and bad guys and good guys fighting and I just know you can put everything on them, Mom) Wish me luck!


  1. Love those tops, especially the St Patricks version.

  2. Nice shirts. The cute looks good on you. The bottom one has a really interesting fabric combo but the green stripy is my favourite. I love the striped detail around the neckline.

  3. I especially love the green stripey top, too.

    www.trueup.net is a blog that features interesting fabrics - they give the designer name, etc. and sometimes where to buy it. Even if you don't see the exact fabric for pjs, you may find similar fabric ideas. The site seems to be down right now...

    Ha, I haven't seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in ages. Will have to show that to the kids...