Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Homemade or not--Do you care if others know?

I love making my clothes.  By and large the clothes I wear make me happy.  (And, never having worn all my homemade clothes consecutively before, I hadn't noticed on how many people compliment and comment on them.)

Anyway, I know that a lot of people who make their clothes strive to make them look store-bought or designer, or maybe just professional.  Lots of information out there on making your clothes look less homemade.  But truthfully, I don't care.  I still want them to look professionally done--no threads, zippers unnoticeably, buttons correctly aligned.  But I don't care if people know my clothes are hand made.

Is there a stigma?  I don't tell everyone I make my things, but occasionally I'll say something like "Thanks, it's my design"  or "Thanks so much, I worked forever on them".  What do you do?

Anyway on to my Lumberjack in Pink shirt with my favorite preppy buttons.

MMMarch Day 8

I found this fabric at a yard sale, wrinkles like linen, I think it's a linen/cotton blend?

Grey accents on the sleeves and collar stand.

Awesome buttons--This is one of the things I'm talking about.  You wouldn't find these buttons on RTW, however, I love them.  They are the size the pattern calls for --which is usually a size too big, if I'm not mistaken--and they are shiny, not itty-bitty plastic buttons from RTW clothing.  Not that there is anything wrong with itty-bitty plastic buttons.

I've worn this shirt a couple times, trying to figure out if I liked it--so you see--going through the wash has wrinkled the sleeve cuffs and some of the wrinkling in the waist is due to the fabric(and my obvious lack of ironing)

Back view--wait, I'm not sure why I needed to spell that out

I took in the sides and back darts just a hair and it ended up having just enough ease for daily wear, although the sleeves are a little ease-less in the bicep area--maybe I took too much fabric out of the sleeve head?   I wanted absolutely no poof to this shirt.  I really probably do need to start doing some swayback adjustments.  Happy Tuesday!

Notes: M3541, cut the 12, made View C, added cuffs from A, sewed up side slits, rounded bottom just slightly.  I didn't interface the cuffs.

Pattern:  stash for years
Fabric:  $4
Buttons:  $3
Thread:  $1.25
Interfacing:  stash
Total:  $8.25


  1. Looks great! I like picking out fun buttons for things I make, too.

  2. very nice button-up. I hear plaid and stripes are hard to match up but you did a great job!

  3. This shirt looks good on you. I really like the grey accents on the sleeves. A great piece with jeans!

  4. I like the plaid and the buttons, which make for an all around nice shirt.

    I can't believe you're an INTJ, too! I'm sure we would have fun hanging out (:

  5. I think your shirt looks great and having buttons that you love is just one of the good things about making your own clothes.

  6. oh i love that shirt! as for your question, when people compliment my handmade clothes i tell them thank you, it's my design. but i do live in an art school town even though i'm in grad school for science!

  7. I like that plaid shirt a lot. It doesn't look handmade at all. not like that matters though.
    I think that if clothes are nicely sewn with care and not slopped together then who cares if you make it. A lot of store bought clothes look so cheap that you would have thought a child made them, they are not professional at all with threads hanging off or even basting stitches showing.